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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


(In case you're wondering, Madison refused to come outside and have her photo taken with the boys. She wasn't "traipsing" through the snow to stand in front of a "dumb tree" for a picture at 7:00 a.m.)


Trish said...

That's Gram's girl... I wouldn't either!!!!

Trish said...

By the way I love this picture, Miss Peggy will love seeing Elek in the snowsuit she bought him!

Margie said...

That is so funny! i didn't want to go traipsing either :)

Louise said...

You'd have a hard time convincing ME to go outside at 7am to stand in the snow to take a picture too.

Pat said...

I think the brothers T. are going to have an extra special bond. I can already see it in Ian, what a blessing this little guy has brought to your family ~ Gods plans are always far above what we can imagine!

Sara said...

ian is obviously an awesome big brother! i think you should've taken a picture of sleepy maddy for embarassment purposes.