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Friday, February 15, 2008

Welcome Back Croup, So Not Happy To See You

Croup is a group of respiratory diseases that often affects infants under age 6. It is characterized by a barking cough; a whistling, obstructive sound (stridor) as the child breathes in; and hoarseness due to obstruction in the region of the larynx.

Did you read the first line. Affects children under the age of 6. Then why does my soon to be 8 year old still get it at least 3 times a year?

Ian went to bed fine last night. Looking back, I guess he was a bit more tired than usual. Didn't stay after school for Art Club because he was too tired. Woke up this morning sounding like a barking seal. Thankfully the Doctor keeps us with plenty of Albuterol refills so I instantly dosed him. Praying that it only stays a mild case and that there will be no trips to the ER and him complaining that he can't breathe.

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Louise said...

May Ian be well and not have to go to the ER. With any type of lung problems, you're more susceptible to lung problems and they seem to recur more frequently. Hopefully he can out-grow all this.
Your babies are beeutiful.