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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Am

I am from blue terry cloth towels,
from Downy fabric softener and talcum powder.
I am from the freshly mowed green grass,
fragrant and soft beneath bare feet.
I am from the petunia, the warm breezes
that wrap around you like strong armed hugs.

I am from knee squeezes and big blue eyes,
from Velma, and Elek and William.
I am from the self-conscious laughter
and fingernail tapping.
From how 'bout them apples and here she is.
I am from Fear not
with a worship song
and Jesus loves me this I know.

I'm from Erin and Red Jacket,
biscuits and gray and stuffed cabbage.
From the Granny who raised 8 kids
in a three bedroom house
and the Grandpa that climbed trees until he was 80.
In my mind are pictures of smiles,
of hugs, of warmth and comfort
and the blessing of unconditional love.
I am from these moments-
captured in time
and hung from the branches of my family tree.


Trish said...

Keller... this always touches me
so, your memories are so absolutely perfect!
Your writing beautiful!!
I love you, my precious daughter,

Janine said...

Kell - that is a touching poem - thanks for sharing it!