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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Up All Night, Sleep All Day

Taken at 12:00 a.m. Courtesy of cell phone. (I HATE the lousy quality!)


Leah said...

Congratulations again!! He is a beautiful baby (ok - handsome little guy) :)

Mama2CnC said...

Oh my goodness Kelly, he is beautiful!

Erica said...

Oh he is sooo cute!!!!! I remember those days. Hang in there and enjoy this precious time!

MamaHoneybee said...

Look at those peepers, what a doll. I hoppe your getting some sleep.

Trish said...

Hey Grammy's boy!
Sleep good for Mommy tonight!
I love you all!!!!

sarah said...

So beautiful! Aww, can't wait to see him in person. When you take your card to the store, just get the pics put on CD, then you can use that instead of scanning one by one with a scanner!

sarah said...
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