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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm....

1. Why is it that Elek can be sound asleep in my arms and the second I lay him down he wakes up and starts crying? And why can't he be happy when his dad (or anyone else) hold him? Why am I the only one that can quiet him? Not that I mind, but I really need to take a shower. The people around me would really appreciate it.

2. Why am I craving meatloaf? I don't even like meat for the most part. There were several years of my life when I didn't touch meat of any kind...now all of sudden all I can think about eating is meatloaf???? (My mom swears this is because I'm so anemic right now. My blood count was 8 and I'm now taking iron 3 times a day.)

And as I type Elek is now waking himself up. Thought maybe I'd have 30 minutes to myself...WRONG!

3. What possessed my neighbor to buy her kid drums? Morning, Noon and night all I hear is that kid banging away.

4. Why does Ian love to gel his hair on weekends, but refuses to let me gel it for school?

5. Why don't more stores carry preemie clothes? I've only been able to find them at Wal-Mart and Babies R Us and they carry just a couple of things each. My poor kid wears the same few outfits over and over.

6. Why is my daughter the biggest slob I know? I have never met a messier person. Now mind you, I'm not the neatest person. That person would be my mom or one of my aunts, they all have OCD. Madison is messy about everything. Her bedroom, her appearance, etc. Yesterday I tell her to put on deodorant after she has already gotten dressed...mistake right there. She's wearing a black shirt. She proceeds to get deodorant all over said black shirt. I spot it instantly and ask her to either scrub off the deodorant or change her shirt to which she replies "You know I don't always have to look perfect!" I never asked her to look perfect, but she's not going out in public looking like a pig. And trust me, she'd definitely go out looking like a pig. A girly girl she isn't! (I love her just the same though.)

Okay, I've got to stop now, baby man is wailing!


Trish said...

Elek needs his Mommy, you need Meat Loaf and a shower, Ian doesn't want to be bothered with Gel that early in the morning, your neighbor must be going crazy buying a kid drums and well... Maddy isn't a girlygirl she is
brilliant and everyone's friend!!!
As for Preemie clothes I don't understand why they don't make snowsuits or something to fit them for Winter!!!
p.s. I WILL make you Meatloaf this week!!!

Kell said...

I made meatloaf for dinner last night...it was delicious!

Pat said...

Meatloaf is the comfort king of all food, Amy made it for us when we were sick.
I will keep my eye out for premie clothes - and I would love to visit him soom, I do believe I am now past the wicked sickness that had me down, but just to be sure, I'll give it a few more days-or wear a mask when I visit!

skrpndiva said...

OMG, my daughter has made that same comment just recently. She cannot understand why she has to use deoderant already. (She's 10) ... Well darlin' because you stink!

I agree with your mom, you are craving protein, thus the meat. I do the same thing. Don't like red meat, but if I find myself craving a burger I know I need the protein.

I'm always anemic.