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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Catching Up

What a horrible blogger I am. Sorry about that. Gonna try a little harder to stay on top of it. Here is a sampling of life in the Turpin family lately.

I had last week off of work and had big plans with my time off. My plans got tossed out the window when Michael came down with the flu and was home, whining, most of the week. I won't completely admit to it, but there may have been a moment when I threatened to put a pillow over his face if he didn't stop apologizing for being sick. Seriously, who apologizes for being sick?

I have eaten more hummus than should be humanly possible. I used to hate the stuff, now I'm addicted. I love it and could eat it every single day. I may just eat it for breakfast.

Elek has developed quite the little Hungarian temper. If he doesn't get his way, watch out and cover your ears, the boy is going to start screaming. He especially loves to do this when we block him from going up the stairs or when we put him in the playpen. (He's actually currently in the playpen screaming his lungs out.) He will also climb anything and everything. Looks like he lacks the fear gene like his big brother.

Madison is now sick with whatever Michael had and hasn't been to school since Tuesday. We thought she was getting better, but then last night she was up puking.

I have decided that I need to invest in Lysol as much as we've been sick this winter.

Ian spent the night with his friend Allen last night. It was extremely quiet around here. In other Ian news, he won his first swim event on Friday night, 25m backstroke. He was thrilled. He's taken 2nd quite a bit, but could never quite manage to get that blue ribbon.

I am planning my Tuesday photo shoot with this little guy.

This is Luca Antonio. He is the son of our friends Tony and Meaghan. I was supposed to be there when he was born, but he's stubborn, like his mama, and wouldn't come out so they had to do a c-section. I was in the waiting room. Oh well, I still saw him when he was only minutes old.

The screaming from the playpen has escalated, I should probably go get him. I'm sure he's ready for a nap.

I'll be back tomorrow with all the wonderful things that I didn't do this week.


Deb said...

I love hummus. Now I want some.

Lynette said...

Kell you have really had a hard time lately with all the colds and flu hitting you. I am saying a special prayer for God to protect you and your family from any further illness.


Linda said...

he is gorgeous.... God Bless him, and your family as well.....

Margie said...

Luca is indeed destined for stardom, he is handsome!

Mel said...

You have me laughing with the screaming in the playpen comment :) Sorry to hear about all the sicko's in your house. Hope it doesn't keep spreading. And kudos to Ian! Swimming rocks!

Terry said...

Kell, You aren't the only one that has been slacking.
I have found that I have to force myself this morning to do a little catching up.
I am trying to say Hi to each of my Sisters.
I have been in he depths of despair, Kell, the last week.
Worried out of my mind ..where in tarnation that scarf had gotten too.
Well I was so glad to hear that it landed finally at Char's house after 11 days of flying air mail!
I have seen in Amrita's blog about hummus....
What is it and why are some people getting addicted with it?
I hope that the flu is ending in your household Kell
It has been a bad flu and cold year.
Take care now...Love Terry