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Monday, March 23, 2009

I was not at the pediatrician twice this week with 2 different children.

Ian did not have croup for the 135,987 time in his lifetime.

I am NOT sitting here typing this in my pj's on Sunday.

I did not just eat 5 Riesen that were sitting here just so I wouldn't have to look at them anymore.

I did not wipe off Elek's snotty nose this past week with my sleeve when I dug in my pocket and realized I didn't have anything else to use - Definitely not me.

I have not become obsessed with cookbooks and cooking.

There is no way that Madison and I have watched Twilight more times than I can count on one hand. Who watches a movie that many times?

I do not have a hereditary love for ice cream, so i definitely have not gone without ice cream for the past 2 weeks.


Lynette said...

LOL! You are in denial my friend!

Constance said...

The snotty nose brought back a funny memory. When our daughter Laura (who is now a Newlywed) was about 2 years old she had a runny nose and wore sun dresses all that summer. I would reach up and wipe her nose with the hem of her dress more times than I remembered to count. My husband Dave chided me for my "laziness" telling me that would come back to haunt me. Sure enough, one Sunday morning as I was dropping her off at Sunday School, she reached down and grabbed the bottom of her dress and promptly BLEW HER NOSE into it! I could've crawled under a rock!