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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Praise the Lord!

Anytime anyone says "Praise the Lord" this is what Elek does. It's way too cute.

P.S. The mess in the floor behind Elek is totally one that he made. He's like a human hurricane.


Constance said...

TOO cute!

Pat said...

I love that babies raised in a Christian home immitate what they see...how wonderful is this?
Keep praising Elek!!

Trish said...

Praise the Lord, Gram's Eley Belly!

Lynette said...

It is a great testimony to you as parents when such a young one is already praising the Lord. He is so cute this little hurricane Elek!

Deb said...

....train up a child...

he's precious!

Terry said...

Yeh sure Kell..
About that mess!
I know what it is all about.
If someone makes a surprise visit on me and finds the mess, I blame it [seeing as I have no kids] on the cat!! Ha!!

I like the way that Elek is praising the Lord....music to the ears of God, eh?...Love Terry

Terry said...

PS...What I find truly amazing Kell is that when you think the toddlers are making noise in church while praying is going on, more times than once at the end of the prayer, you hear a child's voice say a tiny "Amen!"