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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Papa, Tell Me About Heaven

Will I see your smile in my summer flowers?

Will you help me catch my children when they fall?

How strong is God's hug?

Do you know how much I will always love you and miss you?

Is it your hand I feel on my shoulder?

Are you still taking care of Granny?

Will you whisper Psalm 23 in my ear when I need encouragement?

Does your mansion have a garden full of red geraniums?

Do you miss Granny, or do you feel closer to her than ever?

How precious is God's face?

Do you know that you will always have a special place in my heart?

Is there a brook next to your mansion?

Will you whisper to me how to have 54 years of happy marriage?

Do you still wave to everyone who passes you by?

Will you help me back on path when I stumble in my faith?

Is it bright and warm in Heaven?

Is it you I feel protecting me?

Are you still whistling your happy little tunes?

How is my Grandma?

Are there magnolia trees?

Can you believe it's been 5 years since I've felt your hug?

Are the gold streets in Heaven more awesome than I can even imagine?

Are you now Heaven's best Papa?


Trish said...

I am now crying daughter of mine..I still miss him so!
And you know he is still whistling his happy tunes and loving on all all of the babies!!!

Lynette said...

Kelly, what a powerful post. I don't even know you personally...but this has brought such a lot of memories flooding back of my grandparents and my mother and father in law...who are all now with the Lord.