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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

She Colors Our World


Constance said...

Every family needs a colorful one don't you think? Ours is our daughter Jessica!

Pat said...

She was born to be colorful...she can pull it off like nobody's business! Love her to pieces!!

Terry said...

Oh what a sweetie Kell!
The glasses are just out of this world. So much cuter than when I was a kid.
Oh to be able to jump around like that again!
When I was getting quite old a few years back, I could still do cart wheels and jump around and do cannon balls off the high dive at the swimming pool, but alas old age has gradually taken over!!!!
Love to see this little girl in action though Kell.

And oh!, Kell I just love the stripes!!..........Love Terry

Lynette said...

She is such a cool kid! (PS: She will soon hate to be called a kid)

Deb said...

Love it!!! Great outfit! Not many can putt it off - obviously, you do it well, Madison!

AmyInKy said...

LOVE these pics and her clothes are so cute and colorful!