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Sunday, September 12, 2010

3 Reasons I Love Being A Mom

She is a Free Spirit. Super Creative & Smart. She is Artistic & A Drama Queen. She is a Fashion Diva. She is Fiercely Independent. She is Compassionate & Beautiful on the Inside & Out. She is Athletic. She has Great Curly Hair & a Spunky Personality. She tries very hard not to be like everyone else. She has the best smile.

He Loves the Outdoors. He is a skateboarding & BMX addict. He is crazy shy. He has turned into my pickiest eater. He loves reading & drawing. He Loves Sports & is Very Athletic. He would eat Frosted Flakes 24/7. He gives the best hugs.

He is a Mama's boy. :) He is a Ham. His Laugh is Contagious. He is spirited. He is brilliant & obsessed with letters and numbers. He Enjoys Music & Dancing & he makes me Smile Everyday. He almost always has a car in his hand. His diet consist mainly of cheese.

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Trish said...

They are 3 reasons I love being a grammy! Love them sooo!