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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday

♥Today I am thankful for my fabulous new bubble bath. It smells amazing and has the most amazing bubbly foam ever.♥

♥Thankful that my kids go to a performing arts school where they believe that the arts are important to an education. I am a firm believer in this also.♥

♥Beyond blessed by my most awesome husband who tells me to go to bed when I am exhausted at 8:30 and that he'll make sure the kids get to bed.♥

♥I'm thankful for my job that I love, even though I complain and make it seem that I don't like it. :) I love those kids.♥

♥Totally thankful that the new TV season started this week. Yes, I'm superficial like that.♥

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~ said...

Girl your pics are awesome! loved stopping by! Your blog looks great! Hey, and I love your avatar on PS beautiful pic!