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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday

1. Cherry Raisinets
They are to die for. I love dried cherries to begin with, cover them in dark chocolate and I am one happy girl.

2. My kids are artistic and like to express themselves. Sometimes it's by drawing, other times it's the way they dress. I love that they don't feel that they have to be like everyone else. They are 100% individuals.

3. My cold/flu is going away. I'm not exactly sure what I had. It started Saturday afternoon with a sore throat and a fever. Then came the head congestion. I pretty much slept from 2 Saturday afternoon until about 6 Sunday evening. I still have a little bit of stuffiness and scratchy throat, but I know that I am on the mend.

4. I was totally thankful for the sun. It rained here Tuesday...all day. It was chilly too. Yesterday was sunny and warm and marvelous.

5. Happy that we are going to the apple orchard today. I love the apple orchard!


~Joy-N-Jesus~ said...

your kids are sooooooo cute! I love the confidence they have and they are so cute!

Lindsey said...

I didn't know they had cherry raisinetes!! I LOVE raisinetes so I am going to have to look for those. CUTE pictures of the kiddos and that apple cider looks delicious!