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Monday, September 27, 2010

Pet Peeves

1. Air guitar. Don't do it. You look like a dork.
2. Hypocrites in any shape, form or fashion.
3. The smell of syrup. It is for this reason alone that I do not eat pancakes.
4. Open cabinets/drawers. Say it with me: “Open. Close. Open. Close.” Thank you.
5. Phone people. Especially you blue-toothers.
6. Red-light runners. Thought you could squeak through, did you? You could hit someone. Someone like me. And if my child is in the car when that happens, I will make you sorry.
7. People who toss cigarette butts on the ground. Who decided those weren't trash?
8. The expression, "I hate to say this, but..." If you really hated to say it, you wouldn't say it.
9. People who cough and/or sneeze without covering their mouth. EWWW.
10. People who use YOUR when they mean YOU'RE.
11. Poor grammar in general. Is it that difficult to learn the difference between its and it's? Or their, they're, and there? Like it or not, many people will make assumptions about your intelligence based on your writing skills.
12. Those voice-activated customer service lines.
CS: "How can I help you today?"
me: "Make a payment."
CS: "I think you said 'Keep me on this moronic call for an hour and a half and then disconnect my service.' Is that correct?"
13. I hate it when people say "literally" when they actually mean "figuratively"
Even newscasters do it a lot now.
"The man literally exploded with rage"
No he didn't, otherwise all that would be left of him would be little chunks of goo scattered around...
14. Suburbanite kids who think they’re gangsta.
15. People who DEFINATELY can't spell. It's definitely definitely.
16. Noisy neighbours with barking dogs that I wish would disappear.
17. When people mispronounce EASY words i.e. the word "axe" as in "let me axe you a question"
18. People who throw used diapers in the parking lot after changing their kid in a car.
19. When people don't listen to what I am saying, then make me repeat it when they hear me mention something that actually interests them.
20. Any celebrity who feels that it is in their duty to tell me how to think, feel, act, vote, or live. We are all different. Unless you understand that and just deal with that, then you will never really know what tolerance is.


Trish said...

Great list...gots to go. ;0)

AmyInKy said...

If we lived closer, we could be VERY good friends. Well...except for the syrup issue. :)