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Monday, January 5, 2009

And without further ado...

I did not just google to make sure I spelled 'ado' correctly, because I am not a person who is 1. that anal, and 2. that much of a freak about grammar/spelling. (I LOVE Google. Google is our friend.) I do not have a problem being wrong.

I do not get highly incensed about people who fail to use at least a MINIMUM of punctuation or grammar in their writing. I do not resort to name calling regarding such person's intelligence because they can't even use a period. Not even one!

I did not thoroughly enjoy the last 2 weeks off and try to figure out a way to do it all the time.

I did not cook dinner in my crock pot 5 times in the last week. That would be beyond lazy.

I did not wait until the last weekend of my vacation to be the most productive! Not me! I used my time off so well and got so much accomplished!

I did not cry my eyes out the day my baby turned one.

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Deb said...

lol...my friend, Dawna tells me that I'm the queen of grammar and punctuation. My biggest grammar pet peeve...ending a sentence with a preposition!