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Monday, January 12, 2009


I've been coveting this for some time now.

Since my less than a year old camera is broken, I'm thinking I need it.

(Just don't tell Michael how much it will cost.)


Amber Land said...

It's well worth the money! I love mine!!!

Margie said...

I have a camera you can borrow if you need it... i can send it with Mrs. Dorband the school counselor at Trillium, I will see her Wednesday. It's not as nice as yours, but maybe it will hold you over.

And maybe you should get your favorite daughter her own camera... it might be worth it :)

Kell said...

Thank you so much Margie, but I figured out that I can still take pictures I just can't zoom. It will hold me over until I get my Canon.

Maddy had her own camera. Guess what happened? She broke it. Yesterday was actually the 3rd one she's broke. Madison and digital cameras do not belong together.

Deb said...

I own a Canon EOS Rebel (minus the XSI) which Brillo Man bought for me several years ago for Christmas. I use it EVERY day. And LOVE IT!

Erica said...

With all of the beautiful pictures you take, i think it is well worth the investment!

Trish said...

Keep my Madsy away from it!!!!