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Monday, January 19, 2009

It wasn't me who sent their daughter upstairs at 11:30 Saturday morning to see if their 8 year old brother was still breathing considering we had not seen him since 10:00 the previous night.

Wasn't me who just wrote that horribly run on sentence above.

I was not thrilled at all that we didn't have school Friday because of mega below 0 temps. Why would I want to stay in my p.j.'s all day?

Which I didn't do. Stay in my p.j.'s that is.

Also, wasn't me who stayed in their p.j.'s all day Wednesday, most of Thursday, most of Saturday, all day yesterday and so far all of today. (I've been sick people...I have showered and put fresh pajamas on.)

I certainly didn't take a nap on Sunday because I was so tired while Elek slept for 3 hours....no, not me I would of certainly cleaned the bathrooms, finished the laundry because I definitely manage my time better than that!

I do NOT get irritated every. single. time. they mention on the tv that this Presidential Inauguration is a major event in history. Isn't every Presidential Inauguration?

I was not the mother to sit and listen to my baby boy fuss a little, thinking he was unhappy that we had blocked him out of the kitchen, nope I wasn't the one who finally stood up and looked to find out that said baby boy actually had his head stuck between the laundry basket(used to block him) and the wall.

I am NOT sitting here with a sick one year old on my lap trying to type a not me monday post while he tries to keep my attention on him…

I did not threaten my two oldest that I would lock them in their rooms if they didn't stop fighting.

I did not stalk the UPS guy several days last week waiting for 2 packages.

Boy, I sure didn't do a lot of things last week.


Trish said...

Yes, every Inauguration is monumental...and with our Economy the way it is, I find it a bit ridiculous at all the money being wasted on so much hoop-la.
I'll be glad when tomorrow is OVER!

On Wednesday Obama will be introduced to the reality of what faces him.

Louise said...

Since you didn't not do all those things on your post, just what do you do with your time my friend?
Hope Elek is better. And yes, every inauguration is monumental, or supposed to be. I can't fathom the $$ being spent when this country is in such a financial mess. But hey, all they gotta do is print more money, right?

Margie said...

You sure haven't been busy!

Jess Stevens said...

ok lady, you crack me up! i think i haven't done some of those same things...