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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Different Day, Same Lunch

So I'm on this kick. I've eaten the same thing for lunch for 8 days now. It's delicious and I love it and I'm going to keep eating it until I get sick of it. (Actually today I have to eat the rest of the white chicken chili I made on Monday or it's going to go bad.)

It's a toasted pita (thank the Lord for toaster ovens, I love mine.) with a tiny bit of pesto, melted fresh mozzarella, green onions and tomatoes and it's FABULOUS. I'm out of green olives, but I highly recommend putting them on too. It's also best if you serve it in a kid's blue plastic plate.


Trish said...

Round tomatoes... hope you don't get the cooties!

Louise said...

This sounds soooo good .. gonna try it next week.

liv319 said...

mmmm..... that sounds fantastic