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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tennessee Part Deux

I believe I was jamming to Jason Mraz at the time. (We were somewhere in Kentucky and I had taken over driving. Michael was looking substantially drowsy.)

I love Faygo Peach pop and I have never been able to find it up here. (Michael found it in Birmingham last week though and I have one sitting in my fridge.)

Totally sick of following this red car.

Almost there.

We made it!!!!


Trish said...

I'm ready for another trip, aren't you?
The sign of my home town, even if I only lived there until I was 3!
Why do I still feel so strongly connected to that wonderful place?

Sara said...

road trip time, don't you love/hate it? i think i have seen peach faygo pop. now i have to go buy it all.

Pat said...

I've seen Faygo peach too...but where?
I love these pictures, I hope there's a part 3!

Kell said...

I found Faygo Peach Pop in 2 liters at Seaway Marketplace. I don't like it as much here as do in the South...strange.

liv319 said...

I love the pictures! I love your family!! Can you adopt me?

Margie said...

we have peach faygo at Fuel!