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Friday, June 27, 2008

Pesto for Pat

Here is my living room wall color... I straightened that photo right after I took the photo. Didn't stay straight long though, the stairs are on that wall and Ian came barreling down within minutes!


Pat said...

Makes me hungry!
The pictures look so good against this color. As the designers would say....it makes them POP!

Sara said...

your photos are lovely, however, stop fooling around and go order me that head band.

Trish said...

It doesn't take long for Eman to mess up that wall!
Love the pictures of my babies!

JoyNJesus said...

Those are some great pictures!

liv319 said...

I love the color and the pics.. How was Baby Mama? We saw Wall-E. Yeah, not a fun time.

Kell said...

baby mama was pretty fun. it was lovely getting out for a while. my family was beginning to drive me crazy. i love them dearly, but needed the break.