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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I thought that I'd try to make it a point to blog once a day for the summer. It's harder than I thought it would be. Suddenly blogging feels like a challenge. Although now that I think about it, it has been a challenge for some time. I guess after 3 years of blogging I may be running out of topics. Oh sure, I could always come up with something to complain about. (Complaining is something that comes very easy for me.) I could post zillions of photos of my kids, but I'm sure everyone would be sick of that pretty quickly. Anyways, I'll just trying to write what's on my mind. Can't say that it will be anything great...lol.

Ian is apparently moving in with my parents. Except for the 2 second conversation we had yesterday morning, I've not seen or heard from him. I'm sure my parent's are enjoying him. He's my easy going kid. When he's by himself you really don't know he's around. He finds stuff to do and keeps himself occupied. If he's hungry he'll make a sandwich for himself. It's not like when pick butt Maddy is hungry. She always wants something cooked. Heaven forbid she eat a sandwich.

Speaking of Maddy, she is lying on the couch like the Queen of Turpinland reading a book. That's pretty much been the extent of her summer so far. She has ventured as far as her room to watch some TV or get a new book. We dare not ask her to do anything though. Yesterday I asked her to put some of Ian's clean laundry away (because Ian wasn't home and the miserable teething monster was screaming) and she honestly said to me "Why should I it's not mine? No one does anything for me." Ha! I swear I wanted to take her out. Kinda like that whole Bill Cosby "I brought you into this world, I can take you back out" thing. I'm not sure who she thinks she is anymore, but I do know that I will not tolerate it. As for no one doing anything for her...her all-star uniform is costing no one $60, she has practice 3 times a week that no one drives her to, she has classes at Truman starting the beginning of July that no one is taking her to, no one did her laundry, no one made her breakfast, lunch and dinner, etc, etc.

Okay, see, I told you I was good at complaining. I just totally did what I didn't want to do.

I love Maddy, I would give my life for her. She has brought immeasurable amounts of joy to my life. She's brilliant. Scary smart. She's bubbly (well not with us too much anymore. We're just her parents.) and full of life. She loves Jesus with her whole heart. Her teachers have all loved her. They have always told us what a wonderful person she is and that she is super helpful. In fact, at Mad's 5th grade graduation a few weeks ago, her kindergarten and 1st grade teacher (same person) came up to me and told me of all the students she has ever had, Maddy was her all time favorite. I was so blessed by those words. Makes me realize that I'm doing something right. Even though Madison is in the throes of puberty and all the nastiness that that entails, she's still my same Maddy Beth, the one who had the squeaky voice and wore that blasted pink and white tutu everywhere she went. Man, I love that kid.


Amy said...

Ha...I have a "Maddy" at home the whole whats in it for me thing...drives me batty but you just gotta love em LOL those silly girls.

Louise said...

Twill be interesting to see what Miss Maddy grows up to be...

Trish said...

I love her too! She bares quite a resemblance to a girl i raised... who shall remain nameless! LOL

liv319 said...

I think you are the best mom on the planet - for the record. You're kids are a true testiment of what a good mom you are - they are amazing! I want Maddy to be Olivia's mentor!! lol She is so strong, independant - she's amazing.