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Thursday, June 12, 2008


Somehow, over eleven years has passed since I first met this soul…

Seriously? HOW!!

At first motherhood was such an uncomfortable suit to wear. But it grew on me and became my skin. I wouldn’t know who I was without the lessons she has taught me. I’m such a different person than I would be without the lessons she taught me as we’ve taken this journey. It took more patience and selflessness than I thought I could ever muster. And more self-restraint. Not because she’s a difficult child… quite the opposite! But parenting is crazy. It’s been an amazing journey at each turn.

The latest turn, one I was really not expecting, is finding out that this girl is really, really funny. She’s always had a great sense of humor and been quite clever, but now her humor is real…not kid humor, but stuff that I find myself laughing at as if she was a peer. What a fabulous surprise!

I’m really hoping that the upcoming journey to middle school is full of only fabulous surprises… :)

(Photos taken at Madison's Elementary School graduation. Seriously, how do I have a kid that old???)


Trish said...

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful?
She makes me so happy! Can't believe she's 11 years old!!!
This precious soul made me a Grammy! Thank you Kellerbell for being a Mama I am proud of!

Sara said...

11 years! impossible! remember her squeaky little voice? she was the most beautiful toddler in the world, just a shadow of the beautiful young lady she is now. i still enjoy the screaming santa photo.