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Monday, June 23, 2008

Things I've Already Done Today 10:08 a.m.

1. Made Elek's breakfast. Rice cereal with bananas and bottle of formula.
2. Got Elek out of bed. Realize when I pick him up that he has already pooped.
3. Change poopy diaper.
4. Feed EJ.
5. Snuggle with EJ.
6. Got Madison up. She's been sleeping late and staying up later. Was up until 1:00 a.m. last night and woke me numerous time informing me that she couldn't sleep.
7. Got some things together to scrapbook. I haven't really scrapbooked in a year and need to get some things done. I at least want to catch up on Mad and Ian's school books. I plan on scrapping tonight.
8. Made Mad and I breakfast. Williams sausage patties (I eat 1 and it's 4 points on WW, yes, I'm trying to lose weight again...it's the story of my life.)
9. While sausage is cooking I decided that I need to wipe down my cupboards. Using vinegar and water and magic eraser I begin.
10. Knock super hot electric skillet into the floor while wiping cupboard. Somehow manage to jump back quick enough as to not fry my feet with hot grease.
11. Pick skillet out of the floor, lots of grease splattered on floor. Sigh.
12. Mop kitchen floor, twice. I still see grease marks, will be mopping again.
13. Talked to Ian. He spent the night with Grammy and Papa. "Mom, is Dad out of town." "Yes, he is." "May I spend the night again?" (He actually uses may and not can.) "Did Gram say it's okay?" "Yes." "Okay then, you can stay." (I use can.) "Okay, goodbye."
14. Breakfast is cold. Yum.
15. Talked to Mom.

Still need to...

1. clean out fridge.
2. do several loads of laundry.
3. vacuum.
4. feed ej several times.
5. play with ej.
6. take madison to all-star practice.
7. cook dinner.
8. pick madison up.
9. read my bible.
10. go to bed.


Trish said...

Ain't life grand! I mean that in a
positive sense, we are so blessed !

Pat said...

You didn't mention going to the gym for your workout!
I'd say you've been working out since your eyes opened this morning, but in a much more fruitful way.
I'm glad you didn't burn your toes!

Louise said...

So glad you didn't get burned. Amazing how we end up mopping our floors when we least plan to, isn't it?
I really like the new look on your blog. Restful. Peaceful. Serene.

Weather Lover said...

Wow thats a lot to do. Good for you. Taking parenting seriously.