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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Can't Think of a Title

I've been meaning to post for several days and just never got around to it. Didn't help that we didn't have power from 5:30 Sunday night until Tuesday around 3:30 in the afternoon. Thankfully my Mom and Dad let us crash at their house and we didn't have to suffer in 90 degrees without air.

I seriously don't have a lot to blog about. School is over tomorrow! Yeah! Ian actually finished today, but Maddy and I have a 1/2 day tomorrow. I'll miss my paychecks for the summer, but I will so not miss going to work everyday! I'll especially not miss some of the snotty kids. They have been sooooo bad lately. It amazes how awful some of these kids are. I feel sorry for them...kids only know what they see. Parents need to wake up. Yesterday they had the 5th grade graduation at work and I was shocked at what some of the girls were wearing! I'm talking 3 and 4 inch heels, make-up, hoochie dresses...Madison is the same age as these girls! I kept telling my friend Jen that Mad would be wearing stuff like that "Over my dead body." Crazy!

Today I worked at Ian's school's field day. I made 200+ bags of cotton candy before the motor went out on the machine. Can't say I was exactly sad that it went out. I was a sticky mess. It tastes good, but man, what a pain to make! Ian was glad to see me there and after I was relieved of my cotton candy duties I hung out with him for a while. He won his class "Chicken Throw" and "Noodle Throw." In the chicken throw they had to throw rubber chickens and in the noodle throw they threw pool noodles like javelins. Whoever threw the furthest was the winner. As Ian put it, "I'm a baseball pitcher so I know how to throw." Excuse me! :)

Enjoying some peace and quiet right now. Michael has the older two at church and Elek has been fairly miserable and is passed out and will probably be down for the count.

And because I can't post without them!
Ian's is the orange one.

Sweat man taking a break.

In honor of the Red Wings win last week Michael made me take this photo.

He's beginning to sit by himself. :(

Miss Thang wearing my glasses. Complained that she couldn't see anything out of them. I wonder why...my eyes are horrible!!!

Those gorgeous blue eyes melt me!

1 comment:

Trish said...

They are all gorgeous and melt this ol' Grammy's heart!
Kids grow up way too fast nowadays...
11 year olds in heels and strapless dresses... well it just shouldn't be, they are still children!!!
Congratulations on your wins today Eman!